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It’s business as usual for our home buyers

A positive message from our CEO, it’s business as usual and our doors are open to help you with your new mortgage.

“In light of the Thursday’s Referendum result, there will be a lot of uncertainty about in the financial markets.

This is not the first time we have faced change and it will not be the last. Whatever our political views, we will be leaving the EU, so we need to put the result behind us and move forward.

In times of turmoil your clients will look to you for positive support, guidance and advice on all things financial. We at Finance Planning are very good at advising clients, whether it is about mortgages, investments, or protection.  Now is the time to remind your clients about what you do so well and to reassure them that you will be able to guide and advise them now and into the future.

Whatever happens, our industry will thrive. People will always look to move, re-mortgage, invest, save and look for advice on protection.

Lift your heads up, go out there, talk to your clients and be proud of what we do for a living!”


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